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SNSD on Yoo HeeYeol Sketchbook

As part of their comeback, the Group where invited into the show of Yoo HeeYeol Sketchbook. They also performed the songs "Mr. Mr." and "Goodbye" from the Girls' Generation's latest album (which are apparently blocked on YT) and "Kissing You" were they give candy treats to the audience.

Credits to Net Bestiz.

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General Summary of Talk in Yoo HeeYeol's Sketchbook 14-03-14

MC HeeYeol, known also as sentimental pervert (감성변태), greeted the girls with enthusiasm. He suggested that the girls to introduce themselves like they had done in the past. The girls happily introduced themselves in their old nicknames like the kid leader Taeyeon, Ice Princess Jessica, and so on. The MC asked if these introductions are a bit embarrassing, and whether they would like to change them now. He directed the question to Taeyeon specifically, but she answered that she would like to hear more of “kid leader.”

Tiffany continued to comment that Taeyeon is now known more as the pervert, and the MC, having a nickname of pervert himself, eagerly asked if Taeyeon likes teasing other members. Then Jessica points out that it is Sunny who teases and pulls pranks at members. When he asked Sunny why, she replies “How can one restrain when all these pretty girls are around me?” which was greeted with general agreement from the audience and the MC.

The MC asks how it is to be a senior in the Korean music industry, and Jessica replies that there are less seniors around and more juniors to come and say hello to them. He continues to ask them about whether the members are interested in composing their own music, and Sooyoung replies that as she writes lyrics, she wants to compose the melody appropriate to her lyrics. By a show of hands, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri and Sunny are now composing new songs. The MC asks who Yuri would like to give her composed song, and she answered she would like to give Sung Si Kyung, but it is more likely that he would refuse.

A new corner called “Green Light” is then continued, where the girls will listen to examples of guys’ behaviors and actions, and give the “green light” to a potential relationship. For Hyoyeon, an example of a guy texting late at night was given, and she replied that it looks like a green light, adorably adding that she doesn’t go to bed till very late, and asking to be texted as well. For Jessica, an example of a guy, accidently bumping his legs under the table they’re sitting together at, and keeping his legs there, where she gives a green light as well. She adds also that it’s either he’s interested in her or he’s a pervert.

Sunny was asked if this is a green light when she changes her profile pic or updates her status in SNS and this guy asks her about them, to which she replied yes. Taeyeon was asked whether this is a green light or not if a guy unnecessarily whispers things in her ears, when he could just say them out loud, and she replied it depends. Yuri was asked if it’s a green light when a guy constantly says to her, “you are really slow.” She cleverly replies “That’s what the members say to me all the time!”

Most interesting was when they reached Yoona and Sooyoung. Yoona was asked whether it is a green light if a guy who was her senior for a long time constantly says that she is his ideal type. The audience applauds and as she smiles, she holds up a green light. Sooyoung was asked if a guy who goes to the same church keeps introducing her to his friends, and she replied it could be either, since he might be asking her because she seemed bored. Out of all the interviews and shows so far, it was the most subtle way of asking them about their private life.

Unaired parts include: 1) Seohyun was asked of a guy constantly sending game requests, and instead of answering if this behavior is a green light, she determinedly said she does not like his behavior, reflecting our ideal mobumseng maknae. 2) my favorite songs of my own as Taeyeon’s Goodbye, Sunny’s Kissing You, Tiffany’s Let’s Talk about Love, Jessica’s Genie, Hyoyeon’s Boys & Girls, Yoona’s Complete, Yuri’s Dear Mom, Seohyun’s Into the New World, and Sooyoung’s Baby Baby. They all sing small parts from the songs, and Jessica and Hyoyeon couldn’t remember some of the lyrics of their parts. 3) While talking about composing, Sooyoung wants to give her song to Sistar, either Hyolin or Soyou. However, she would like to give SNSD first. She was asked if she gives it to one of the members as their solo singles, and she was hesitant because she thought her composition can’t be that good to be fought over by GG members. MC HeeYeol asks Hyoyeon if she wants it, and she said she would have to listen to the song before considering.

Credits to: hyoyoonkatekim @thesonesource

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