Tuesday, March 11, 2014

IZE Magazine SNSD Special "Girls' Edition"

Girls’ Edition by "IZE" 
Translation below
Right now-it’s Girls’ Generation! Since then, 8 years. SNSD has become an unrivalled girl group. After a long time has flown, it is not wrong to say that it is the first time ever for such a team to be chosen and loved by the public. In addition, the girls’ 4th mini “Mr. Mr.”, released on last February, is the album that declares their endless moving forward to a new era despite nearly 8-year debut. This is the reason ‘IZE’ is going to tell you the collective stories of present Girl’s Generation. We are going reminisce how and how much the 9 girls have become mature and together learn what the girls are pointing to now. We indeed prepared the info graphic in which each member’s character and history are depicted. It is a good idea to consider it as a large corpus describing the past, present, future, and the survival strategies of a girls group. Simply talking, it is the way to interpret the motion of the NEWER Girls Generation. 
(trans kokking9@TheSoneSource)

Taeyeon, Her voice

Vocal: 40%
Leader: 30%
Fan service: 20%
꼬꼬마: 10% (a decorative tassel on a military cap; a children's toy streamer.)

Tiffany, 少女時代

Beauty: 40%
MC: 20%
Smiling with eyes: 20%
Ddilpany: 20% (her nickname)

Sunny, with a talent that opens everyone's heart

Acting cute: 40%
Sense: 30%
Uncle fans: 20%
Uncle: 10%

Jessica, blushing young lady

Ice princess: 40%
Chic sergeant: 35%
Fashion: 20%
Jung Sister: 5%

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