Saturday, February 01, 2014

What will Girls' Generation do on their Lunar New Year holidays?

Girls' Generation on the January and February, the music industry of many anticipated comeback ahead, but now paused for the idols to have their Lunar New Year holidays. Everyone is now officially 'kicking off' their Lunar New Year holidays.

Girls' Generation may pauses their preparations for the new album and enjoys the Lunar New Year holidays happily. Each member, everyone spends their precious time with their families and relatives. Girls' Generation during the break has the chance of recharging their energy and receives cheers from their close relatives. However, no matter how sweet the break is, there's always someone who isn't allowed. That is Yoona, who will have to perform her last shooting for 'Prime Minister & I' on KBS2. Yoona perhaps has to spend her Lunar New Year holidays on the set.

Source: SportSeoul
Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

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