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Taeyeon of February (2014)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of February from the kid leader Taeyeon!


"막상 도구들이 갖춰지니까 뭘 그려야할지 몰라서 점만 찍고 놀았지.
그릴 수 있는게 없어요"
"When I was preparing equipments to start, but I just don't know what should I draw,
so I eventually attempted at the corner. Still nothing to draw.
Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource
"슽흐뤳흐 #cottoncandy #단거""Conflict #cottoncandy #sweet"
Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

"오랜만에 새 노래 들려드릴 생각에 벅차네요 종현이랑 같이
부른 숨소리. 그리고 ost가 아닌 저의 첫솔로곡 Set me free
기대해주세요 다음주에 만나요"
"I'm overflowing with emotions, thinking of letting you listen to a
new song for the first time in a while. 'Breath' that I sang together with
Jonghyun. and my first solo song, that isn’t an OST, 'Set me free'.
please look forward to it. I’ll see you next week"

trans ch0sshi
"제목 잉여"
"오랜만에 제 맘에 쏙 드는 사진을 발견하였어요 #tysone"
"Has been a while forme to see a photo appeals to me
at the glance #tysone"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource
"이쁜 내 개시키^^ 생일축하한다사랑해진져야 #210"
"my pretty baby^^ happy birthday. I love you, ginger #210

trans ch0sshi

"상쾌한월요일. 드디어 제 맘대로 정한 소시데이가 시작되었어요!
그동안 오래 기다려준 많은 솟밥들. 오늘 수영이생일과 듀엣곡
공개를 시작으로 곧 소녀시대의 새로운 컴백까지 쭉 만나보실수
있을거에요^^ 정말 얼마남지 않았어요! #newgg"
"a fresh monday. finally, soshi day, that I set/made up on my own, has begun!
all the sotbaps who waited for a long time thus far. starting with sooyoung’s
birthday today and the reveal of the duet song, you will also be able to see
girls’ generation’s comeback soon^^ there’s really not much time left! #newgg"

trans ch0sshi

"축하하고많이사랑해수영아 #210"
"Congratulations and I love you a lot Sooyoung-ah #210"

trans kymmie
"Birthday boy사랑하는내남자 개돌이진져 쪽쪽쪽 #ginger"
"Birthday boy The boy that I love, doggy Ginger, kiss kiss kiss #ginger"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

"Today. 12pm. Set me free‼️ Breath M/V‼️19th SNSD comeback‼️ 헐대박사건"

"사랑니에 아파본적있나요 #뤔펌펌펌"
"have you ever been in pain because of your wisdom teeth

trans ch0sshi


Taeyeon's message to Cotton Candy Translation
"Thank you for taking photos of an ugly person like me
becoming a bright beautiful, sweet Cotton Candy"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

"저기에 쏙들어가면 우쯔케되까나.. 커튼같애저옷"

"서현이목소리너무좋아...이제 서현이만보면 아련터질듯
장하다우리막내좋은공연보여줘서고마워애기야 #해품달 #연우"
"Seohyun's voice is so whenever I see Seohyun, so admirable
gorgeous and little maknae thanks for showing such a great performance,
kid #Moon_Embracing_the_Sun #Yeon_woo"
trans kokking9

"기다리고 기다리고. 또 기다리기. 기다리기.기다리기.
또? 기다리기.. 오다기리죠안냥세여 #newgg"
"Wait and wait. Waiting again. Waiting. Waiting. Again? Waiting
(gi-da-ri-gi).. Hello Odagiri Joe (pun on his name with ‘waiting’
[gi-da-ri-gi]) #newgg "

trans kymmie

호감이다. 내가널좋아해도될까? #なめこ"
" i like this. can i like you? #nameko"

Trans ch0sshi
PS Nameko is japanese mushroom cartoon games character

Taeyeon with Lee Min Woo (from LMW's photo)
소녀시대여 빨리 나오렴~^^리더 태연이랑~인기가요 대기실에서
상담중ㅋㅋ일부러 얼굴 내민거다 태연아~ㅎㅎ
"Girls' Generation-ah, hurriedly have a comeback~^^with leader
Taeyeon~currently having a conversation at Inkigayo waiting room
ㅋㅋTrying to reveal your face Taeyeon-ah~ㅎㅎ"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource


"어머? 뮤비가 얼른 나와야겠네? #시작도아닌컴백 #iTunes"
"Omo? That means the MV must come out soon then?
trans kymmie




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