Thursday, February 06, 2014

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's first solo song 'Breath'

SM Entertainment's 'SM the Ballad' consists a theme of break-up and hardship. The title of the album almost delivered its main message that this whole album is trying to deliver.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's first solo ''셋 미 프리/Set Me Free' also will be debuted in this SM Entertainment's album. This song expresses the mind of women of a desire of freedom, similar to the song's title 'Set Me Free'.

Korean version:
Chinese version:

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

SM Entertainment's album 'SM the Ballad' buying recommendations

In SM Entertainment's 'SM the Ballad', there will be only 2 songs that will evolve from Girls' Generation. Taeyeon and SHINee's Jonghyun sing '브리드/Breath' (Korean version) as a duet. Taeyeon also has her first solo '셋 미 프리/Set Me Free' (Korean version).

Since Taeyeon only sings Korean version, we recommend as a suggestion to buy 'SM the Ballad' Album Korean version, it could help with the rank on music chart too. It all depends on your budget, if you can afford, you could buy the Chinese version too which only include one song from Taeyeon '셋 미 프리/Set Me Free' (Korean version).

For the photocards information, you will have a chance of 1/8 getting Taeyeon's appearance on your card PER ALBUM.

Korean version:
Chinese version:

Contribution in translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

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