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Seohyun on PlayDB Musical Magazine

"Feels like there are hundred bears climbing on my shoulder." 

Girls' Generation's Seohyun who performs on her first musical, 'Moon that Embraces the Sun', expressed her pressures how adorable like this. 

The character that Seohyun plays on her first musical, is similar to the character that Ha Ga-in played in the movie 'Moon that Embraces the Sun', Yeonwoo. She plays in the character that is to be kidnapped by the political conflicts in the royal, isn't be able to accomplish her love with the prince Hwon, and became a religious specialist when she completely lost her memory. Seohyun, who always reviews her thoughts and worries a hundred times per day to build a unique Yeonwoo for herself, who also owns large and distinct passions for musical. Just moving towards a step, we are covertly watching over her.

How could you make it to 'Moon that Embraces the Sun'? I have a feeling that you had received musical offers in the past.

Honestly, I want to evolve into long duration type of musical. There were offers, but I don't want to immediately jump into it without any beforehand preparations. That's why, I chose a safe scheme and really want to evolve in this job. I really enjoy historical dramas. It was to the peak where the only dramas I watched were the historical dramas when I was small. I really enjoy watching dramas and reading the book for 'Moon that Embraces the Sun', so I could accept the musical offer in happiness.

Not long ago, you watched 'Wicked'. Because that was a performance you watched with your upcoming appearance in a musical, it must makes you feel different.

I think I watched all the musicals that Joohyun appeared til now, without missing out any of them. I have a dream of being in a musical watching her. She's actually really good. Whenever I witness her performing, I always receive goosebumps with a wonder, "Will she be able to perform better than this time?", but she performs well again. I really admire her and I really get the motivation.

Which perception of the musical motivates you?

First of all, it's because I love music a lot, I also like to sing and I also want to try acting. Unfold a piece of work with a mixture of singing and acting, not through a screen, but in front of the audiences is actually appealing. Until and now, I always follow all the performances as a member in the audiences, I always dream about this through imagining how heart-touched myself would be to stand on stage.

You appeared on a drama not long ago. What did you learn through your acting attempt?

More than anything, I think I immediately gotten better in concentration. When I played in an emotional scene, you have to feel 100% in emotions in that specific situation when they give you instructions, and you really have to maintain it. You can cry as well. I think I was trained for those. Performing helps a lot in that.

Acting in a musical is different right?

It's truly different. Fundamentally, you have to lose everything you own and express everything while acting, but you express them differently. If you mainly act through a distinctive expression for facial eyes for the acting through camera, in musical acting, I have to express my emotions the people at the back as well, so the actions I perform need to project. , without removing the effectiveness of the performance itself. Deliver that kind of performance is different. There are many emotional settings in the musical. At first, I focused on my facial expression and tears the eyes, however, you can only observe from the first row. I realize that, allowing back row people to see, I have to express myself differently.

It should be burdensome to play the main character on your first musical.

It its. I though a lot whether I have enough qualifications in order to stand here. The people work together very well and have lot of experiences in work, but now I just make my first attempt. I don't know what should I do initially. Also I'm not certain if I could cause any problems or in a situation where placing a spoon on a table (laugh). I felt sorry as well. I think there's a reason why I should work harder. However, due to it's the first attempt in acting, everyone teaches and helps me even more. So, I was be able to learn even more. I don't have any thoughts of being more illuminate that now. I want to work in calmness and silence, while doing the best I can currently.

Did you, coincidentally, watched the last year performance?

I did, but not all. I have to create for myself about Yeonwoo, and I felt that watching it will make me imitating it. So I didn't watch it much purposely. After seeing it was performed, I still have to proceed thinking. I think I will have to create Yeonwoo with a personality similar to me. The reason of creating three versions of Yeonwoo because it's because of our personalities are different and accepting Yeonwoo differently.

After that, what side of you will be projected onto Yeonwoo?

Serious, not accepting any kind of jokes? (laugh) I think that is something similar. I am the type of person who doesn't take unnecessary things lightly. It's a personality may seems to be a bit fetid, but I think it's a line where I withdraw. However, Yeonwoo's personality is similar. Things that my parents taught me seem similar as well.

While attempting, what is something that was pretty difficult?

There are lots. Something relates to work means there are lot of scenes where you can't focus on the opposed actor. For an example, at the end, with the prince collection, Yangmyung appears in front of me. If he doesn't get selected, he will have the remain of his life alone, but Yangmyun said that he will leave everything behind of his and come to me. Realistically, I could pick Yangmyung, but, because of the crown prince so I reject him. It is truly complicate. Especially because Yeonwoo is 13 years old, I think that her heart or emotion could be altered. Initially, it was pretty difficult to sing and focus on the emotions flow at the same time, not just acting hesitantly, but really going from 'Should I follow this person?', to 'No, I'm not like this', while thinking of the prince.

What about the part that really reached to your heart?

There's a song called 'Touching the Happiness'. The king, the one who things that Yeonwoo passed away, also learns the existent of a religious specialist, Wol. Because Wol looks similar to Yeonwoo, so he felt attracted to her and runs with her. It's thee scene where only two sit together and talk, both sing in confuse. Hwon confuses because he isn't certain that he attracted to Wol because she is Yeonwoo, or because she is similar to Yeonwoo. I also confuse because I attracted to the kings because I am Yeonwoo or because Yeonwoo's spirit into me. After that, Hwon says, "Is it because of you asking me to forget you, , did you want me to forget you, I tried to forget you, but I can't. Yeonwoo, you." At that time, I seriously accept a number of thoughts and then my heart hurts intensely, then I choked.

How different are the three actors who play the role as Lee Hwon?

Oppa Kyuhyun is the most suitable one for the role as Lee Hwon. The feel in his actions really make it looks straightforward, innocent Hwon. Oppa Dahyun has a soft attractiveside. He usually treats openly the person he especially cares to, but when he acts, he acts like a real king, his attractive always leaves everyone in awe. Oppa Dongsuk really looks like a king. In every actions, I have a feeling of a true king. All of them are different, but I focus whenever I must and I'm grateful of their efforts in giving me guidance. I think I just need to improve (laugh).

What kind of advice did your unnies in Girls' Generation, who had their appearance in musicals, that they give you?

My unnies always cheer for me. They told me that confidence is the most crucial thing and I have to trust myself and just go for it. Things such as advice always gains my strength.

Do you trust yourself?

I felt this while I was participating in my drama as well, there is always something comes when you trust yourself more than 100%. If you are guessing/doubting yourself a little, it will instantly be noticeable.

What do you do when you doubt?

Simply, I just don't do anything at all. Even while I'm in a drama, once I was in the shoot, I wouldn't look at the script. If I think that, "I'm going to talk like this during this specific part', it wouldn't work out. Instead of that, I prepared a lot beforehand. I remembered and thought about everything and I acted like I am Yurim. So, once it passed, it was actually interesting. It worked and it made me think, next time, there's nothing more than believing in myself. I need to repeat, however, honestly, it isn't that simple. Until then, you will need that much additional works and practices.

There must a lot of projects you want to do after 'Moon that Embraces the Moon'

I really have to play the role of Peggy in '42nd Street'. After watching unnie Joohyun's performance, I really wanted to do it, so soon after that, I practiced tap dancing for a Girls' Generation's concert. Now I already had that tap dancing learnt, so I have the thought of performing it someday (laugh). Beside that, I have a new goal after in my mind after watching 'Wicked'. That will be able to play Glinda in another upcoming 10 years. However I am still lacking a lot, so I want to improve my skills and really try to play it in another 10 years. I also want to play a character that is even harder than I imagine. I want to try to play Roxy in 'Chicago'. However, it's not like I want it to immediately happen next year. I have to develop skills, so I want to step gradually. I'm probably really lacking of skills right now. I am going to empty my heart now and step on the stage. I also prepared all the criticisms on areas that I'm currently lacking. Because I really know that I will shortly fall (laugh). I will firstly do my best, but I will collect all the comments and use them as some additional things to my next project. I will proceed with that kind of thoughts, working hard as well as learning. However, musical projects are pretty fun. I'm really happy to join the musical 'Moon that Embraces the Sun'.

Source: PlayDB
Full Credit in Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

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