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Lee Seung Gi·Yoona, dating keyword⑦…"1 city, 500 meters, from the alley

1st January 2014. The first couple to be in the new year. Starring two popular 'Korean Wave Star', Lee Seung Gi(26) and Girls' Generation's Yoona(23·real name is Im Yoona). The two have been dating for four months.
'Dispatch' observed them last year October, watching their relationship. In a word, we could say respectively it's a 'good relationship'. They didn't have a chance to meet each other often due to their busy schedule, they always care for each other deeply. Lee Seung Gi always pick up and responsible for driving home safety.

They are a discipline couple as well. The two dated no more than 1-2 hours. They drove to the Namsan Mountain, Han River, wandered around. Their curfew is strictly followed. Never pass 1:00 am no matter what.

Since they are top stars with a high popularity. They had to keep every conceal. Every up and down moments in the car always be watched out, avoiding being exposed. Using 'camouflage items' were helpful for them. Avoiding the sight by burying their face under a cap or hat.

Dispatch's two journalists organized to seven keywords. ① car ② 1:00 am ③ pick-up ④ after works ⑤ the alley ⑥ 500 meters ⑦ hats, etc.

Keyword ① car: The two's keyword is to invisible in the 'car'. Lee Seung owned a black 'Rang Rover'. The two actual date is always inside the car. Two streets, Namsan Mountain and Han River, driving, talking to each other.

They never enjoyed their date outside the car. A convenience store saw that. Lee Seung Gi and Yoona both saw the apartment has its own park place. When Lee Seung Gi picked Yoona, and we could see them.

Keyword ② 1:00 am: Lee Seung Gi and Yoona both live with their parents. So they strictly followed the curfew. Even with late dinner, 1:00 am never be exceeded, at 1:00 am, all returned to their house.

Lee Seung Gi's tvN drama shooting 'Sister over Flowers' located outside Korea. Yoona's drama 'Prime Minister & I' was starting to shoot. Also, there overlapping schedule at the end of the year. The tight schedule even made the curfew stricter.

Keyword ③ pick-up:
With care was also considered. Lee Seung Gi picked up Yoona and then found a parking lot of the apartment. Yoona came to the parking lot and the two drove down to the streets, nearby the Han River, Namsan Mountains to have a date.

After their short dating at the car, they safely went back to their home. In that case, Lee Seung Gi returned to his international traveling schedule after seeing Yoona. Tiring with driving and he then dropped off, repeat the same thing on the next day.

Keyword ④ after works:
Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are popular top stars. They are busy in acting and performances. The second half of 2013, Lee Seung Gi had to shoot for 'Sisters over Flowers'. Along with his domestic tour. Yoona was busy for her 'Prime Minister & I' drama. Along with Girls' Generation's concerts.

With their tight schedule, dating after works mainly happened. Especially, Yoona wore a 'Nike' jacket for the date after her meal. If the date was near to the curfew time, Yoona would just met briefly before going back to their own houses.

Keyword ⑤ the alley: They usually don't have enough dating time. The two mainly dated near the alley. The alley they dated near to Yoona's apartment. Lee Seung Gi drove there and they talked for an hour.

The river is the second place they like to date. Just looking at the Han River and talking. They also drove to the Namsan Mountain. Sometimes, they just drove without stopping.

Keyword ⑥ 500 meter: Lee Seung Gi and Yoona both live at Samsung-dong residents. The distance between two apartments just only 500 meters apart. Using car as your transportation wouldn't talk you over a minute. However, dating at the alley maybe a bit exposed.

With a distance 500 meters apart may connected the two. Living at the same neighborhood made naturally one of the two could meet. Also, the were supposed to be very busy with their schedule. A distance of 500 meters was easy to eliminate all the attentions.

Keyword ⑦ hat: How to secure. Using 'camouflage items' was required. Cap is always put on to hide Yoona's face. Enable to hide her jaw line, she used such as collar. Hiding herself without a mask through her small head in the entertainment industry.

Lee Seung Gi headed to 'Residents look', enable to camouflage. When he met Yoona, he wore most white shirt, gray pants and wore some padding. Of course, he made it. Avoiding the gaze of people in free and easy style.

Source: Dispatch
Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

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