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High rewarded actions of angel Yoona that you haven't known

An account by a volunteer, who was emotionally in touch by the way Yoona did her volunteer work covertly in Peru.
"I went to a school in Peru to do a volunteer work with friends, a teacher informed me that Yoona used to come here for a volunteer work. However, no matter how much I searched online, I can't find a single information even an infinitesimal information relating to this. I was really staggered and surprised by the way she did everything in secret.
The teacher looked at me (since I'm the only Asian) and said to me in English: "Yoona in Girls' Generation also did volunteer work here." I looked straight to his eye and deviated: "Yoona? Yoona in Girls' Generation, she came here, why did she come here?" And I had to repeat my question: "Are you sure, Yoona in Girls' Generation, the gorgeous Korean girl came here?". He continued with a yes. And afterward, he also told me stories that Yoona did to this school.
I was really surprised and can't believe that Yoona - a famous person of the public - went half of the Earth just to play with unfortunate kids in the society. The teacher also added: "There were lot of Koreans came here to support the kids, they are amazing, I really adore the Koreans." Actually, I was really shocked. That night, I went back to the hotel and tried to search Yoona's volunteer works in Peru, but I still can't be able to dig up any news. Now I realized, Yoona did the good things secretly and silently, doesn't need to announce the whole world. I just want to share this so we can all know."

Donated 20 million wons but months later still no news or related news, in the end, only the few fans knew this through a Jung-gu announcement with Yoona be mentioned. 
Continuously donating to financial difficulties families.

Girls' Generation's Yoona who is the ambassador of Jung-gu, who donated 20 million wons to Dream Hearty on 21st December. She also donated to a career education organisation, giving 1 million wons to each family out of 10 families with low income and scholarships worth 10 million wons.

Since the debut, various of times sponsored the World Vision organisation, but there weren't any reports relating to that, only when the World Vision revealed their final report at the end of the year, everyone noticed.
10 million wons. Yoona's intention was to secretly donated, so that's the reason why there weren't any news, only when a specific organisation revealed their final report and then everyone knew that she actually donated milions of won. Her volunteer work supported the kids since her early debut and only be known through World Vision.

Jung Ae-ri used to mention Yoona in one of her interview in a magazine, stating that Yoona was her partner in a volunteer work. 

Jung Ae-ri's interview
Through Jung Ae-ri, Girls' Generation's Yoona's partner on a television series that she became a volunteer.

A surprise trip from Yoona with a cake giving to a disabled student who also Yoona's fan

Junho, a disabled student who has a wish of meeting Girls' Generation's Yoona. A volunteer knew this decided to make that wish comes true by passing this message to yoona with helps from the CEO of the organisation. The volunteers brought Junho to the KBS' set to find Yoona, finally he had a chance to meet and had conversation with Yoona during her break time. However, the meeting was short because Yoona had to return to her filming. Not long later, Yoona made a plan with the volunteers to visit Junho. After finishing up her filming, she brought a cake in this surprise visit.

Since being a trainee til now, every time a filming end, she always prepare letters to the staff members and also prepare presents to them.

You are my Destiny
To. (hidden name) oppa
Oppa who always stand beside the camera with a looming smile,
you actually let me sitting as a director several times, those moments,
despite I never sat there, keke, however, I have to thank you you for your guidance,
you must be exhausted, happy new year~

Love Rain

Herself packed the gifts and sent one by one to the staff members according to their name.

Everyone must be exhausted, I'm truly grateful to each member in
'Love Rain' production team!! ♥
You all always helped me to create a beautiful 'Hana', and I'm really grateful!!
I hope we could have get along together sooner, and had more gatherings,
unfortunately~ However, having a chance in meeting nice people like you all,
I'm really happy~^^ Everyone worked hard and took a good care of me~

Every single bag contained a handwritten letter

Prime Minister and I

Eventhough the movie didn't end, but it was Pepero day, Yoona prepared little snack and gifts to celebrate the day.

Other related fan-accounts and interviews

Yoon is truly an angel, and and once she asked us not to take any pictures,
she is truly gorgeous, and then she smiled and gave us her signature.
What, an angel ㅠㅠ

A boy be carried by his dad and stared at the stage, Yoona saw that,
she signed on a balloon and asked the audiences to pass it to the boy.
Yoona, I love you

Artist Park Gangsung mentioned Yoona

I want signatures from TVXQ so I went backstage. However, none of the staff members realized me, they even asked me who am I. Even I told them who I am, they still ignored me and made me in hard situation. After that, Yoona went pass and saw me, she greeted loudly: "Sunbae a!" I really appreciate her notice that she gave me and similar to others.

 Female actress Kim Min Hee  

During a surprise meeting while a meal, she saw Yoona and Sooyoung very polite to the elder and friendly with younger kids.

 While we were having a meal at Samgyeopsal, we suddenly spotted Yoona and Sooyoung stood up and went to our table, they greeted us naturally. I went with the kids and Soshi came right to our table just to greet us, we felt really proud, at that time I was also so happy because of these girls. Also we payed money for Park Min Hee because she informed us, Shin Dongyup, the person who joint our radio with her (PMH) also said that Yoona and Sooyoung are girls who are polite and own good behaviours.

Female actress Kim Nam-joo

Director Suncheol said: "After watching the movie, Kim Nam-joo loves Yoona's hair accessories. Knowing this from the staff members, so Yoona wrote a letter including one of hair accessories to Kim Nam-joo and she really appreciated it." She also continued to share "She wanted to give hair accessories to her daughter but she was too touch by Yoona's action so she wore while filming." Since then, "Hair Accessories of Kim Nam-joo" became a trend search.

Jang Ha Kin, a trainee of SM mentioned YoonA

Wow, she is truly beautiful. The first meet left me with an unforgettable feeling. I stared at her beauty until I can't close my mouth, really beautiful. At that time, she was only 14, but she was really high and her hands with legs are pretty long, truly similar to a barbie doll. (Compare to now, she was darker, but in my eyes she always too pretty than ordinary, similar to a foreigner.) Her face fits hand's palm, her eyes sparkled and that smiled totally subdued my heart. (Similar to the way every kids look at a person has that beauty outside), just only look at her, makes my mood lot better. Not only being pretty, you can actually feel that. Yoona unnie, looking at her deeply, I found out she is getting prettier, very innocent and pure with kindness, I never heard she talked behind someone's back, always help and think for others. Her smile is bright. In 3 years, she never argued or being angry. She didn't feel tired? I used to have thoughts like that. In reality, she's older than me 1 year old and don't have any jealousy attitude so she never fought for anything. I always worry if she is so famous or not, however, she always try her best in everything that her sunbaes gave and her talent is truly amazing. That created a difference with everyone else from her friendly look to her childish personality and she even brought up funny stories to warm the atmosphere. Opposite to that, when she's alone, she usually think a lot, I really like her when she's like that.

Source: 청개구리 's Bestiz
Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource 

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