Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Girls' generation's Taeyeon looked innocently and gorgeously on her published photo with her mother

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon revealed two pictorial photos with her mother. One headed towards a black concept and other headed in white concept.

Taeyeon published the photos with messages 'Two Women' and 'Friend'. She uploaded the first one with black concept on the 18/1 and had received plentiful of compliments. On the 20/1, she uploaded another photo with white concept and continued to receive wonderful congratulations and how beautiful Taeyeon and mother were.

In both photos, Taeyeon personally showed her brightest smile and innocent look. She held her mother's hand on the first published photo and wore a beautiful casual dress on a golden decorated chair with patterns on her next published photo. Her mother also revealed her bright calm smile similar to her daughter.

The netizens, were wildly compliment how adorable the maternal relationship are, such as 'Two photos look calm','Calm mother pictorial'...

Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

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