Friday, December 13, 2013

Taeyeon will be the cover girl for Ceci January Issue

Taeyeon will be the cover girl for Ceci in Korea, China and Thailand for simultaneous release in January.

Currently, officially announced that Taeyeon will be the cover model for Ceci all over Korea, China, Thailand for this January issue. With a gorgeous concept, the one who responsible for this shoot is Deputy editor Cha Insun. This time, Ceci tried to aim as an inspiration from 'The Secret Garden constructed with clothes focusing at a nucleus, similar to 'blooming girls' motif. This allowed her to show her mature side.

He shared: " This is the third photoshoot working together with Taeyeon since her debut. It's really astonishing to witness a new image from her every time we meet. From this shoot, you will be able to witness how innocent Taeyeon's look is, compare to the blooming of flowerbuds in the beginning of Spring."

The leaked interview in January, will show two images of Taeyeon, a girl and an artist with her cheerful personality. The director, Kim Soeun, recently conducted the interview, he leaked, stating: "Taeyeon's expectation for their upcoming album, she asked herself why it took her a long time to join social networks, to share Girls' Generation's daily activities and stories that included herself."

Source: Heraldcorp
Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

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