Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SooYoung and Taeyeon on 2013 SBS 연예대상/Entertainment Awards

Two lovely ladies from Girls' Generation attended the 2013 SBS (연예대상) Entertainment Awards; Sooyoung, who won Rookie MC Award, and Taeyeon, who appeared as a presenter for the Female Daesang Award.

Girls' Generation can you feel the heat?

Sooyoung with Kim JongKook

The SoShis are still in support....

...through the help of people wearing masks >_<

Watch the overwhelming support for Sooyoung!

Credits to SBSNOW1

After the awarding of Sooyoung, Taeyeon presenting the Female Daesang Award

She's looking at her co-presenter who is obviously taller than her kekeke

And a SelCa?

Watch charming Taeyeon

Credits to SBSNOW1

Credits to the owners of the photos!

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