Thursday, December 26, 2013

Girls' Generation's members and Park Shine Hye topped in Top 10 Asian Beauty poll

Girls' Generation's members included Taeyeon, Jessica and Yoona. Park Shin Hye was also one of the Korean faces topped in this, she played in the most recent well-known character in The Inheritors, Cha Eun Sang. This legit poll was held by 青春娱乐网. 

Yoona was the one who pulled the Chinese netizens directly to stand first in '2013 Asian Beauty Top 10.' According to the released results, Jessica followed Yoona's position very closely and stood 2nd position. The results also stated that Taeyeon stood 6th.

Yoona's votes and Jessica' votes are pretty close and proved it was hard to pick between their beauty. Yoona's votes were 8,762,167 and Jessica's votes were 8,754,208. This was something unexpected in a poll.

Beside that, by TC Candler, they picked 100 beautiful faces in the world in 2013. Girls' Generation also be mentioned, Taeyeon (9th), Jessica (20th), Sooyoung (66th) and Yoona (77th).

Source: StarMk
Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

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