Thursday, October 03, 2013

YulYulk of October (2013)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of October coming from yours truly, Yuri!

"I miss you"

"감기조심. 추워졌으니까"
"공항+비행기에선 이거하나면끝 #Mamonde"

"So adorable and so sparkle"

"in my room"
"Cosmopolitan nov."

"Cosmopolitan nov."
"꽃받았쪄 마몽드 고마워라... #Mamonde"
"I received flowers Thank you Mamonde... #Mamonde"
"아구아구아구구궁 그랬쪄요 #Hani"
"Aigoo aigoo aigoogoogoong just be like that sweetie#Hani"

"할로윈 특집 그녀의뒷태 ^. ~"
"Behind the best in the world Halloween style of this kid ^.~"
너는 누구니 ?! #아구아구귀여워 #정체성혼란하니"
"Who are you sweetie?! #AhgooAhgooSoAdorable #PanicAboutYourTrueIdentity"

"으으으~~~ 유령쪼꼬렛"

"유령쪼꼬렛 으으 ~으"
"The ghost chocolate eu eu ~ eu"

"그녀의 뒷태 2탄 #피글렛 #아구아구귀여워"
"Behind of the kid, part 2 #piglet #AhgooAhgooSoAdorable"

"무대인사중 와줘서고마웡 7일날또봐요"
"Thank you everyone 'for coming to the movie premier. The 7th we will meet again

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