Sunday, October 06, 2013

Watasiwahyo of October (2013)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of October coming from your Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon.
"블루~~~~+,+ 짐 생방 올라가용!"
"Blue~~~~+,+ We’re going for the live broadcast now!"

"I had a wonderful time! Lol see u next time singapore "

"Thanks Topshop "
"When i was in Boston"

" 재미있떠잉+,+ #Titleist"

"Let's play golf "
"isnt it the most special water bottle ️?? #simpson"

"Hi~~ Marge Lol #Universal Studios #LA"
"슝슝~~ 일본으로 SM Town 콘서트하러 가는길에 비행기에송..^^
#japan @SM Town @TOPSHOP 깜장바쥐"
"shyoong shyoong~~ in the airplane on the way to SM TOWN Concert..
^^ #japan @SM Town @TOPSHOP 깜장바쥐"
"oh yeah~?? "

Follow her at: Watasiwahyo@Instagram

See her Instagram posts last September (2013)

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