Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tiffany in "Fashion King Korea" Press Conference

Tiffany from Girls' Generation attended a press conference 'Fashion King Korea' on October 16th. Fashion King Korea is a new competition fashion show on SBS. The press conference guests include Bora from SISTAR, Boom, entertainer Kim Nayoung, actor Lee Jihoon, and singer Yoongun.

Tiffany with her partner Designer Ilgeun

Tiffany spoke about her casting in the show during the press conference. She said "I was jealous when I heard about Yuri was attending the drama 'Fashion King.' She thanked for the chance of be in a part on the show. She continued saying her worries in deciding and work hard instead of winning.

Fashion King Korea will be aired on November 17th.

Tiffany with Sistar's Bora

Tiffany with her partner Designer Ilgeun

Tiffany with Bora

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Source: isportskorea, isplus, mydaily, Newsen, newspim, nocutnews, Osen, Segye, Sports Chosun, Star BBN, Star Mk, TV Daily, TV Report, wstarnews, xsportnews
Translation and compiled by totoropie @TheSoneSource

Watch the Video cuts from the Press Conference 

Credits to CNTLU

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