Wednesday, September 25, 2013

YoonA as a Student

How is it to study in a University while at the same time be a celebrity?

YoonA went to school at Dongguk Univ
Well, as for YoonA, she is just a student.

She mingles with the other students, talk to them, greet them, and laughs with them. She keeps her feet on the ground and smiling. And just by looking at those pictures, it seems that YoonA entertains the fans and at the same time her fellow students. Evidently, taking her pictures in a snap or without her permission is tolerable because for her, when she is at school, she is just a simple student Im YoonA. 

I have high respect on the people who puts education as a priority. It doesn't matter what is your status, but as long as you value your education and strive hard to achieve it, I believe that it will empower you.

So Kudos, not only to YoonA but also for those students who wants to achieve their goals.

Credits to the owners of the photos.

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