Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taeyeon and Heechul's KakaoTalk

They are not endorsing this kind of app on the mobile phones but it is pretty popular to the Korean Idols.

Heechul (Super Junior) and Taeyeon are chatting over the KaakaoTalk.

Taeyeon: You are suppose to upload when you have something to upload. But you are making something to upload instead.
Heechul: Oppa don’t go poop when he has to go. I just make myself want to go.
Taeyeon: You just do what you want, huh
Heechul: so your oppa is the best best guy? ;D
Taeyeon: Best best guy
Heechul: Indonesia? India Nesiya*? O_O
*(인도네시아= Indonesia / 인도 네시야? = It’s four in India? (pronounced as Indo Nesiya) aka pun)
Taeyeon: No, it’s 10
Heechul: You aren’t hitting back to my rhyme
Taeyeon: Rhyme is lemon lime
Heechul: Please is Lee Sora-ime

Credits to: SNSD Indonesia Update

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