Sunday, September 08, 2013

SeoHyun's Preview for "Passionate Love"

As for the new drama "Passionate Love", Seohyun is invited to be the lover of the lead actor for the 4-5 episodes. Here is the preview of the much awaited debut of the maknae in acting.

Passionate Love... Passionate Kiss???
SeoHyun in the Drama Set
Seohyun showing chemistry with Sung Hoon
 Seohyun takes the role as Han Yurim as the first love of Sung Hoon who will play as Kang Moo-Yeol.

Sooyoung shows support for SeoHyun and Sung Hoon.
It seems like SooYoung eventually went to the set after her fansigning event for Double M.

Now be ready to watch the preview for the Drama

Credits to sonepinkzombie2

Seo-mates... keep calm and let's support her in this debut!

*Seo-mates are called for the fans of SeoHyun...

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