Friday, September 27, 2013

SeoHyun the "Passionate Love" Update

Girls’ Generation Seohyun, ” I Will Not Judge Love By Age” 

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K-pop group Girls’ Generation member Seohyun showed her more mature viewpoint on love before making her small screen debut this weekend.

Seohyun expressed her passion for acting and first acting experience as well as her changed view on love during the press conference for her debut drama, whose title is translated into “Passionate Love,” held in Seoul, Korea on Monday.

The actress introduced her character Han Yu-rim, an all-around college student who becomes first love of the leading male character Kang moo-yeol, “I think I can fall in love in an high schooler like my character does.”

Although she showed her conservative point of view on MBC’s variety show “We Got Married,” she said, “It was two years ago and it is enough time for things to have changed. I am more open-minded than those times. I will not judge love by age.”

The youngest member of Girls’ Generation, 22, went on to disclose her great ambition in acting. 
“I wanted to be an actress since I was young. That’s why I couldn’t just take any project since I wanted it for such a long time. I decided to join the cast after I figured out that the character of Han Yu-rim suits me well and it is a role that I can express its feelings well,” said the idol star.

The singer-and-actress added that, “Not every scene I filmed was satisfying since it is my first time acting. I also couldn’t have enough sleep because I had to film the drama and join the concerts (of Girls’ Generation) in the same period. But I loved acting itself, which made filming happy enough.”

When asked about her teammates who’ve experienced acting before her, Seohyun started with their advice that the members advised her to do her best and empty her mind since it is her first project.

She analyzed other members acting that, “YoonA has good expression through her eyes. Sooyoung has natural voice tone, while Yuri is absorbed in her character well. Jessica doesn’t get tensed and has bold style of acting.”

The producer of the program complimented on the newbie actress that, “She has basic vocal and acting skills as she majors in acting. She made some mistakes from lack of experience but her understanding and expression of character are better than any other rookie actors.”

Co-starring actor Sung Hoon and actress Choi Yoon-young, the drama about a heartbreaking love story is set to premiere this Saturday as the follow-up to previous series “Wonderful Mama.”

Reporter. Kang Jung-yeon
Photographer. Paeng Hyun-joon
Editor. Lee Hye-ji

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