Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Jessica of September (2013)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates in the month of September coming from the GorJess.

"How is everyone doing today? [呵呵]"
"So relaxing... Loved it! 다시느끼고싶은 여유..^^"
"Walking towards you! [偷笑][馋嘴]"
"Lovely STONEHENgE[心]"
"Good night[白云][下雨][月亮]"

"Hahahahaha[哈哈] Thanks for these awesome and hilarious pictures
[鼓掌] Sportsseoul&segye Cool[good]"
[profile pic]
"Mmmm yummy[心] I misssssss in-n-out[泪]"
"Happy hyoyeon day[音乐] No need for more words![偷笑][心]"
"Mint chocolate chip ice cream[心] Want some?"

"Mint chocolate chip ice cream[心] Want some?"
"Black jessi[偷笑]"
Jessica's reply to her fans
"Just dropping by to say hello[可爱]"

Follow her at: Sy_Jessica@Weibo

See her August (2013)  posts 

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