Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's HYOur Day!

September 22 of 1989, the birth of a dancing queen that will change the entire K-Pop Empire. Her name is Kim Hyoyeon from the tribe that mostly consists of Princesses, named "Girls' Generation". 

So expect that this post is about Hyoyeon and Hyoyeon only. 'Kay? ^///^

Firstly, I would like to borrow the hashtag used by The Sone Source to commemorate the birthday of HyoYeon. And I also want you to include #ItsHYOurday in your greeting post/s for Hyoyeon either in Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Who would have thought that this very adorable and cute kid would become a strong and beautiful lady? 

Years passed by and she became a trainee in a castle called SM Entertainment. She polished her skills in dancing and enter in some heroic competitions with her best friend Min (Miss A).

She, along with Princess Jessica Jung, are the longest trainee for the SMEnt Castle for about 7 years. 

As the castle called for the final line-up for the members of the new Girl Group, in which the name is not yet known, she confidently danced and finally got recognized.  

At the same time, she accompanied the Queen BoA on one of her shows and danced in the shadow. (She revealed this from one of her guestings).

From their debut in 2007, Princess Hyoyeon and with the other Princesses of So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls' Generation) were blessed with beauty, wit, and talent and thus, hailed as one of the Most Popular Girl Group of their time.

She is often mistaken as Song Hye Kyo (and at first, I actually thought they were siblings).

The Princesses of Girls' Generation had also given the power of changing their hair color according to their liking. From brown to auburn to ash blonde to blonde, or have their natural black hair back if they will it. But only Princess Hyoyeon can pull off the color of rainbow in her hair.

Because of her love in dancing, she keeps her body beautiful and is often seen partying at some bars with Min.

Princess Hyoyeon is once called by Princess Sooyoung as the group's "Fashion Terrorist".

She is the only member who has the incredible number of piercings (est 17) including one in her belly button. But she don't often use these earrings nowadays. 

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon Fans says 

She's athletic and is one of the three best runners in SNSD along with Princesses Sunny and Tiffany. (From one of the episodes in Dream Team. She also said that she represented Incheon once in running competition).

Considered to be one of the most independent members of SNSD. (Pic is from the Invincible Youth 2).

Helps with SNSD’s choreography and often stays behind after her own practice to help the other members. Princess Tiffany calls her Dance Teacher Hyo.

Can memorize a dance move/routine by just watching it once or twice.

Princess Hyoyeon also feels awkward when she's acting cute. But she still looks cute in any way she put it.

And she can easily cry when she feels overwhelmed.

The Kim Choding...

The Specialist...

The Queen of Variety Shows...

The Dancing Queen...

Happy Birthday HyoYeon! Thanks for making SONEs inspired and happy.

I would like to thank the unbeatable power of Google. The sites that I visited and mentioned. 
And credits to the owners of the photos. 
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