Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LG Cyon (Cooky) CF

LG Electronics polished a new brand called Cyon in 1997. As the technologies continues to evolve, the mobile phones were also featured the latest technologies that includes mostly of the cameras, internet accessability, and even TV through IP (Internet Protocol). Hence another feature is introduced being a "touchscreen" handy phone. This is then called Cookie/Cooky. And because of the growing popularity of the Girls' Generation, they were chosen to make the advertisements prior to this product in 2010. And they made the campaign ad with a very familiar song.
Watch their CFs

Credits to aslotussradio

Credits to moraynnie5

Here is the Behind the Scenes of the "Cooky Video"

Credits to Wilson Ng

Here are the photos of the Girls endorsing the product!

Learn the Lyrics of the Song

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