Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Girls' Generation World Tour Girls&Peace Live in Macau (Photos)

Here are some capture moments from the Girls and Peace Concert of Girls' Generation in Macau. They will soon kick off the Japan Tour.

These are chosen photos from the different sources

The fans greeted the Birthday Girl Sooyoung

The SoShi Cupcakes from Macau fans

Tiffany's dress has a "zipper problem" so she wore a jacket
in their performance, and the other girls are making fun of her

They are making fun of Tiffany, the victim

Credits to the owners of the photos!
Credits to the following Karen12347, conxlove, YoonSicRoom, StormShadow, Shining smile, flying_petals, KIT,Lov Double, KimTaeyeonBar, KOKAPO_HYUN, Selitung, OHYeah, OH-TAENY, SSK, JUST LIKE YOU, StarsHK and etc .... #หากนำไปเผยแพร่ที่อื่นกรุณาให้เครดิตเจ้าของภาพด้วย และ ห้ามนำภาพไปตัดต่อหรือทำการแก้ไขใดๆทั้ง

See their Airport Fashion
See the Photos from SMTown

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