Sunday, May 05, 2013

Tae's Message

덕 분에 숫자 3,9 가 더 좋아진:) 그리고 여러분도 더더더 소중하게 느껴지구요. 다들 작은 재미로 시작했을지 모르지만 저에겐 절대 작지않은 큰 감동이네요. 탱시라니... 세상에나 소원 진짜 너무 귀여워요. 그리고 고마워요! TY!!♥ 오늘은 나도 소원 따라탱시. 어려워쥬금 #TY #탱시 #309 

[TRANS] the numbers 3, 9 that I got to liking even more thanks to you all :) and you all feel more, more, more precious, too. i don't know if you all started it as a fun little thing, but it moved me greatly. taeng-shi… my gosh, SONEs are seriously really cute. and thank you! TY!!♥ i'm going to copy SONEs today [and say] taeng-shi. it's a bit hard #TY #탱시 #309..

I don't know what happened but it is a good thing to know that SoShi appreciates the SONEs... a lot...

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