Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hyoyeon's Rumored Boyfriend

Netizens, SONEs, Hyohunnies, and fanboys are interested to know if the Dancing Queen have finally found her Dancing King (?)...

I don't want to re-blog or re-write any information since I am also not certain about it, so I will just direct you in the blog/site that has the juiciest information about this so-called "rumor". Here's the link.

However, there are also posts swimming in FaceBook and Twitter claiming that the rumor is just a rumor and there's nothing more in it. 

Fans are used to ship their idols with another idol and so on... Hyoyeon, like the other fellow SoShi or celebrities are also a victim of these intrigues, most especially if the guy is fit for her criteria. Hyoyeon previously told (somewhere in Invincible Youth 2 episode) that she likes guys who can dance. So many names emerge and so on and on and on. It's never ending. 

Well rumor or not, I guess it's all up to her decision to keep it or reveal it. 

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