Sunday, April 28, 2013

SNSD Let's Go Dream Team!

KBS has a special episode last Dec 14, 2011...
And this time the Girls will prove that they are not only good at dancing and/singing... but will also show their speed, power, and strength...

Let's Go Dream Team, SoShi!

The events are:
  • Heartbeat Dance Game
  • Main Event: Olympics
  • Event #1: 200m Race Walking
  • Event #2: One on One Block Masonry
  • Event #3: Pull Up Bar Ssireum
  • Event #4: Survival Capture The Flag

Watch the video here with English Subs!
DailyMotion part 1
DailyMotion part 2

Credits to Soshi Subs for subbing the show
There is no copyright infringment intended.

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