Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Untold Story of Taeyeon's Shoes

Recently, Taeyeon is posting some SelCa's and created her own account on Instagram. Most of her posts topped in the list and fans are continuously growing and became her followers.
She took this SelCa right after waking up and posted it as "Early Bird".

Much to my amazement, a fan made this short yet cute story on Taeyeon's thoughts in taking this photo...
The untold story of the Shoes...

One Day...

I don't know who made this fanart but it is truly wonderful! Bravo!
I found these pictures on GGPH

Guys, as much as we want to increase the population of Sones not only in the Philippines but around the world, there are some limitations that we need to take into consideration. There are reports that the some fans are flooding or spamming on the accounts or posts that Taeyeon liked. It might cause the deletion of the user or the name involved in the spamming and Instagram is very much strict to that. So I hope you understand that our support for the SNSD should not cause any harm to the others. ;-)

Also, please do inform me if you know the person/people who made these arts. It is their right to be credited for their hardwork. Thanks again!

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