Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taeyeon! A Dorky Birthday Special

March 9 is Taengoo's birthday!
The beautiful and dorky leader, the ahjumma Teyeon's 24th (25th for Koreans) birthday is probably full of surprises - from the other SoShi members, from her family, friends, and also from fans.
Even the Sones (fans) here in my country, the Philippines, are celebrating the birthday of one goddess.
(Courtesy of GGPH)

Here Taeyeon, blew the candles... ooooppsss! with Tiffany?!

Well, in the end, the others joined in and blew the candles for her after all hahahahaha!!!
Now spoil yourself for some Taeyeon dorkiness on her birthday!

Is Taeyeon wishing for a genie at this pic and praying for her golden voice to return?... I guess not...

Looks like Taeyeon recieved a lot of gifts that made her scream like that!

And because Taeyeon love us...

She promised to make good music... and touch everyone's heart.

And eventhough, she and the rest of the girls are tired...

They will continue doing what they are doing... being dorks hahahahahaha... fun loving Girl group...



And lovable...


Yes, it is your day!

Taken from their world tour in Japan March 2013
 I may only know a little about her and the other girls, but I would like to wish them to have a continuous success!!!


Note: All the photos were collected over the Internet.

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