Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Era of Maidens

Well, sometimes boredom is a way to discover or enjoy something and in this case, I proved that being lazy sometimes pay good - but not at all times. 

As fans, we are often mesmerized on the performance or beauty, talents etc of our idols. Their talents are like mine that were forged by their entertainment management. I truly admire how SM handles all their talents and unlike the reality shows that I know, that only tests the chosen few for weeks or maybe months, SM is known for their dedication in facilitating their new found and unpolished talents. Unlike some talent agencies that are looking for people who has pretty faces and became an artist because of their "face", SM is truly investing to the people who has potential. In fact, there are many photos swimming around the internet and revealed the picture of SNSD and even other artists' before they debut. Not all of them are god/goddess-like beauty... not all of them have naturally white skin... not all of them have bouncing and shiny hair or pearly white teeth... That's why I don't pay attention (at all) on the fanclubs that are bashing the other fanclubs and saying stupid and silly things about this and that because in reality, those idols are only people and maybe friends with their rivals and the fans might only bring some faults on their relationship with the other groups/idols. 

Last night, as I patiently waiting for the release of the Official video of SNSD's new song entitled "I Got A Boy", I watched some videos in YouTube. Honestly, I just recently learned about the existence of the SNSD (like in later of 2011). Because of the large number of members in the group, I doubt if all of them can stay together or if there is someone above them. The screen-time is a problem. The focus of shoot is a problem. The lines in a song is also a problem. Most specially, the costume is a problem specifically if there are different designs and the members want to wear the designs that were already assigned to the other members. Whew! I can sense (actually figured out from an interview of Hyoyeon that she has some problems with the costume design and distribution) that these problems exists. But in SNSD, they managed to stay for almost 6 years long, after their debut in Aug 2007. That's incredible! Indeed. And that is probably because of the bond that was established long ago from their training years. 

Do you ever wonder why I named this blog post as "The Era of Maidens"? Because that is the direct translation of the So Nyuh Shi Dae. I don't know if its true because I'm not a Korean and I don't know the meaning behind it. Now, bringing all the pieces together. I started the post with how the way SM gather and manage their artist and end with the SNSD's bond. That is because, I read this post entitled "The Making of So Nyuh Shi Dae" and as a new fan, I discovered that I know only the brief part of the Groups' existence. Probably we know all their hardships but not as detailed as this, and I am somewhat at awe while reading this. So if you want to know more about our favorite Group, you can read the post by clicking the link provided. I don't want to do re-blogging because the sense of originality is not present when I do that. 

Now maybe I can say that I am more attached to the Group, although I do not know them personally or haven't seen them in flesh. I cannot also judge how the SM Entertainment do their business because it is their "business". I admire how they make an ordinary stone shine like a diamond. 

So why does there are no audition boot camp here in the Philippines? hehehe just kidding...

But to sum it up, this group is truly the best!

See the SNSD's Journey   

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